Welcome to our Parents Page!

We offer e-courses and resources for you to help support your child’s emotional and social well-being.

What do you want for your children?

  • Do you want your children to be emotionally and physically healthy, to be good communicators and have a good sense of self-worth?
  • Do you want them to develop and express their own unique talents and abilities and lead a happy, fulfilling life?

Of course you do!!!

  • The reality is that children often come across challenging situations as they experience life. These may include bullying, friendships issues, changes and loss
  • These situations may bring certain emotions into play such as anger, anxiety and sadness
  • You may not be able to protect them form encountering these situations but you can support them in dealing with and processing their emotions

How can we help and support you as parents?

For the past 9 years, we at the Rainbow Planet Connection have been developing fun, educational resources that you can use in your home to help your children deal with their feelings in ways which are beneficial to them, with healthier more positive outcomes.

There is also an E-course for parents which is now available online.

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